5 Sins of Mobile Appplication

27 Jan

So I was watching this Roto Meier, whose giving his awesome speech in Google IO 2010,

Although I can’t be there, but You can watch him presenting this material here :

the same way I do

But for you who isn’t that watch-videos-til-the-end type, I’m gonna try to wrap it up alltoghether and post it here

Just a quick reminder for myself, and hopefully can be useful for someone beside myself,

Here is the list of the five deadly sins for android developers, and must be avoided at all cost

#1 : Sloth

How often do you see windows above?

As a developer, it is your job to make sure that your activity are responsive, interactive, and do not have considerable delay between its processes.

In the other words : FAST

And how do you achieve that?

Well, there are many ways.

But to learn about it, the best way is by practicing it,

Little by little, your hand will get used to write an optimized code

What we have to worry is that

You keep worrying about the optimization,

But you cant finish your application

More to read about optimization :

#2 : Gluttony

An application should not use

Don’t over use WakeLocks

Don’t update widgets too frequently

Don’t update your location unnecessarily

Don’t use services to override users or the system

Share data

Use receivers and Alarms, not services and threads

Let users manage updates

Minimize resource contention

#3 : Hostility

All of the button should function as they were

  • Back button should display the previous screen
  • Home button should display home

#4 : Arrogance

Don’t use undocumented APIS

#4 : Discrimination

Don’t target specified users

As you can see in the graphs below,

Don’t target specified Android API

Don’t target specified Screen

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