Getting started with Windows Phone Application Development

23 Feb

So, I’ve got a news from my lecturer for my Diploma program about the topics of my final project,

And the topic is “Markerless Augmented Reality for Windows Phone”.

Damn it, I have no experience at all in either augmented reality nor windows phone, and also after a bit of searching I found that almost all windows phone 7 in Indonesia cost about 4.5 Million Rupiah or more (Nokia Lumia). CMIIW

But after all, because it’s already decided, I try to google it for a little bit about the development of windows phone application, and I want to share about it a little, because at first I have difficulties at finding the correct tools (I use Visual Studio 2010, and the web installer for windows phone doesn’t work)

  1. Install the Visual Studio for Windows phone, you can find iso format here:
  2. The best tutorial I’ve found to get started on windows phone I’ve found is located here: just follow the tutorial and you’ll grab the basic stuff easily
  3. You can also download a free ebook about windows phone development here:

We can use Silverlight and XNA to develop a windows phone application, Silverlight for Rich Internet Application, while XNA excels at game application, and you can also combine both of them. More details can be found here:

Well, that’s all folks.

I’ll update again when I finished my first project for Silverlight J

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