Windows 10 Review

03 Aug



Finally windows 10 is here!!

For you who have got notification to upgrade your windows 8 to windows 10, now it will show you the download link to windows 10. For those of you who doesn’t you can get windows 10 through this link:

You will have choice to install it online, or download the .iso file to make bootable thumbdrive or DVD.

Installation process is pretty straightforward and very much the same with previous version of the windows. Here are the screenshot of my desktop after installation process (including several very important additional programs i’ve installed). Perhaps the main difference is big search bar field, and icon set that’s finally changed.



Start Menu

So microsoft finally admit that tile based start menu is partially unacceptable. Perhaps simply because we have used the conventional start menu since forever, tile based start menu simply doesn’t feel right to us PC user. So in this version of Windows, Microsoft decided to bring back the conventional start menu, however they still insist on adding tile based menu there. But out of my expectation, it seems to work alright. We can find all apps, settings, power button quite easily, while at the right side of the start menu, is the customizable tile based menu.



Windows 10 was made to be able to run in various devices, either it’s PC, tab, or phones. Technolgy that allows the UI to fit n various screen is called Continuum. Continuum allows Windows 10 UI to change based on the device that’s currently used.

Great demonstration of Continuum feature can be watched here:

to enable tablet mode, simply click on the notification bar left to date and time, then select tablet mode.


Multiple Desktop

This is the currently my favorite features of Windows 10. I have seen this feature in previous Windows thorugh third party programs, or in Linux. But nothing come close to Windows 10 multiple desktop feature.

To access this feature all you need to do is click on the icon next to cortana search field, and you can manage all of your desktop from there. Or through shortcut (Win key + Tab). You can add new desktop or simple drag the windows to move program from one desktop to another.

Using this setting i’ve been able to play games (dota 2 mostly) in 1 desktop, and open all that working shit (excel, word, photoshop, etc etc) in other desktop. With single sweep (Ctrl + Win key + left/right) you can change desktop to hide that games/porn 😉



Siri/Google now for Microsoft. It’s actually able to help you doing things. The speech recognition ability were very accurate and only misheard when i say local words or while the room was noisy. You can turn on the feature “hey cortana” to impress your workmates J

To see the complete list of Cortana commands, visit:

To see some funny lists, you can visit:


Split Screen

Just like previous Windows version, Windows 10 have split screen ability, with more “snapping” added to it.

RAM Usage

This is my Windows 10 memory consumption, with nothing runs on foreground, it takes about 1.9 GB of RAM.


Overall, up until now i still think this is a greate update to any previous version of windows. Not only because it’s free for previous Windows owner, but also because of great new features and compatibility that comes with it.

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